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In 1819, while camped at the James River, the explorer, Henry Schoolcraft, said about the area that becomes Springfield: "[T]he country [is] the most extensive, rich, and beautiful, of any which I have ever seen west of the Mississippi River. [I]t offers great attractions to enterprising emigrants...."
Henry R. Schoolcraft, Journal of a Tour into the Interior of Missouri and Arkansaw ... in the Years 1818-1819

Springfield Weekly Patriot, 1866: "[W]e will one day be able to step aboard the cars at Springfield and keep our seats until we step off at San Francisco” 
“Remember Boys, nothing must stop the mail"--John Butterfield and his Stagecoach Route

Springfield and Greene County Timeline

Civil War Battle of Springfield--Locations and Map of the Markers

Springfield's most notorious desperado, Wild Bill Hickok, killed Dave Tutt in the town square--2 versions of the shootout
It was against the law to ride your horse too fast on the road--List of Things that could Put One in Jail in the 19th Century














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This is a bibliography of content websites on early Missouri history, and a collection of links to local and state history sites including libraries, archives, museums, publications, government agencies, organizations, and historical parks. 

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This page has images, links to images, maps, links to maps, online essays, and links to publications dealing with the history of Springfield, Greene County, the Ozarks, and Missouri.
It includes primary and secondary historical sources. It includes a Missouri Historical Documents page.

Local History Curriculum

This page has guides, questions, and proposals for topics and projects to build a new social studies curriculum on the history of Springfield, Greene County, and Missouri that can be used by the Springfield Public Schools.

SMSU CASL & Campus Compact Project

This page includes a list of the partners in the community project, "Students as Citizens: Linking Families, Schools, Communities, and Universities to Enhance Learning through Technology," a brief description of the project, and links to the project partner websites, Campus Compact, and the SMSU History Department course, HST 300, the Service-Learning component for history students who are involved in the project.

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